Adding New Venture to the World of Organic, Natural, Healthy & Premium Products
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Adding New Venture to the World of Organic, Natural, Healthy & Premium Products
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Organic & Natural Products

A destination for natural products that’s healthier for you and aligned with your values. We source organic products from our trusted partners, supporting our communities and creating meaningful relationship with those around us. We exist to create experience where passion and purpose come together and dream every home in the region to have our products.

Healthy & Nutritious

On average, organic food contains higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium as well as many cancer-fighting antioxidants than its non-organic counterparts. Plus produce that’s ripened on the plant is more nutritious than produce that’s harvested prematurely and artificially ripened

No Additives

Artificial colours, flavours and additives can contribute to allergies, hyperactivity, digestive issues, skin problems, migraines and other chronic, degenerative health problems. Our organic produce is free from any artificial nasty’s so you’re safe in the knowledge that you are eating fresh produce which will help your health rather than hinder it.


Scyavuru creates marmalades and jams by using the best fruits grown in the local territory. Due to their family tradition made of 65 % fruits, Scyavuru marmalades are the perfect union between the delicious and unique citrus fruits from Ribera and the art of good eating.

Melodia Honey

❝ …swarms of bees fly around orgasmically in order to collect the nectar and the pollen from flowers.
It is like a harmonious orchestra with nature playing the role of the maestro and the bees as the musicians that altogether compose…the MELODIA of nature!❞

Czech Ghee

a clarified butter since 2014. We are fully focused on producing the ghee, we learned how to make only the high quality and the best tasting products. Since the beginning, we have been producing ghee manually, because we believe that this is the only way how to achieve the highest quality standards. We strictly choose the raw material for our products and we use only the best quality butter, both in conventional and organic quality. Thanks to new automatic technology implemented in our facility we are able to produce ghee in big quantities even while keeping the manual production.

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